Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Writing

Writers write.

But they also read books and comics. And play games. And watch films. See, much like the way gasoline fuels any old automobile, whether they be BMW's or Kia Prides, the stories that we read and consume give us the vocabulary that we need in order to speak the language of our chosen medium. Without said vocabulary, we would have no idea how to construct our sentences or our scenes in such a way to make them artistically or commercially viable.

But merely consuming media is never enough; analysis is also required. As a screenwriter, a video game writer, a story editor, and a (budding) prose author, I have read, viewed, and analyzed countless stories. Some of my analyses have been short, others have been detailed and exhaustive. But each of them has taught me a little something about the strange, wonderful, demeaning, fulfilling craft of writing.

So here we are. I've set up this new blog, not to post random nothings about my everyday life, but to give myself a forum in which to analyze the media I consume, and hopefully to share them with any interested readers out there.

So, people, next time you see a writer playing video games, reading comics, or watching a movie, just remember that he's not wasting time; he's working.

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